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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today was a day of firsts ,it was the first time I ran in town .Most of the time I run at the  park which I like but today I had that "treadmill" feeling about the park.You know same thing over and over again.So I sent my daughter and text to see if she was running today she was but was planning on taking it easy because of her marathon next Saturday.This would  be the second first as I always run alone and beside she is still way too fast for me.So we met and as we were preparing to run I notice she wasn't going to listen to any music she thought we would just talk.So I put my tunes back in the car and this would be my third first no music.Overall it was a pretty good run for me we ran 5k in 34:20 not my best time but close.I really enjoyed running with my daughter and I thank her for running so slow:) maybe one day I can run a little(lot) faster and talk a little more and not be as winded.

Happy Running

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  1. Must have been nice to run with family. have fun with your running