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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Begining

 All my life I have wanted to be a runner but never knew how to push past the discomfort and pain of being new runner.So sometime around the middle of this summer I started my journey of being a runner.It had been weighing heavily on my mind for several months  that this might be my last chance to be a runner since a had just turned 50 a little over 6 months ago.I guess you could say I had that now or never feeling.So I started running,a little running and a little walking, seems that is how it all starts until there was more running than walking.That is where I am now running about 3/4 of my 3.1 mile run,and doing it all around 36 minutes.
So this is the begining of my running journey and my jouranl about the progress of a 50 year old begining runner.